TANiOBIS New Name for Maker of Ferrite Dopant and AM Powders

As the result of a rebranding, Taniobis is the new name for a leading provider of rare tantalum and niobium powders used to boost the magnetic properties of ferrite and to enable additive manufacturing, two attributes increasingly prized by some magnetics manufacturers. 

After sixty years being H.C. Starck Tantalum & Niobium, the company is now operating under the new identity and focusing its attention on global megatrends such as the Internet of Things, big data, smart cities, and connectivity, where current developments are heavily dependent on tantalum and niobium.  

Headquarters remain in Goslar, Germany. A subsidiary of JX Nippon Mining & Metals, Taniobis produces materials, powders, and alloys based on tantalum and niobium. 

It uses the refractory metals to produce tailored powders and alloys for product and material  manufacturers in the automotive, energy, aviation and electronics sectors, the chemical industry and medical technology. Electric mobility is another important application. Ta & Nb make the Internet of Things possible, asserts the company.  Its AMtrinsic prealloyed high-performance powders were developed specifically for additive manufacturing. Their spherical morphology makes them ideal for AM and particularly suitable for the needs of aerospace and medical markets, the company says.  

In the field of magnetics, the company’s tantalum and niobium oxalates, shown at top, are completely water-soluble compounds that can be used for mixtures with other dissolved metal compounds at atomic level in blending or doping processes. A white, crystalline powder that is stable in air, NAmOx is used in industrial catalysts as a dopant to increase efficiency and selectivity. It acts as a dopant for ferrites as it increases the magnetic susceptibility of magnetic materials. Tantalum and niobium oxides are also listed as products by parent company JX Nippon. For more info, see www.taniobis.com