Bunting Joins Rare Earth Magnets Recycling Task Force

The launch of the European Union (EU)-funded SUSMAGPRO project took place in Germany in June 2019.  The four-year project focuses on the sustainable recovery, re-processing, and reuse of rare-earth magnets.  With global expertise on magnets and magnetic assemblies, Bunting is […]


Urban Mining Progresses in Pioneering Effort to Scale Up Rare-Earth Magnet Production from Recycled Magnets

Freshly arisen from the flat, arid countryside of central Texas, a modern 130,000 square foot industrial facility is taking shape that the leaders and investors of Urban Mining Co. are eager to blossom into a […]

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Summer 2012

Features & Columns: – Injection Molded Magnets for Electrical Machines – The Process of Developing and Testing a New Transformer – Rare Earths & Corporate Responsibility – RE-use, RE-duce, RE-cycle, RE-place – Rare Earth Crisis […]