Neo Performance Materials and Energy Fuels Begin Shipments to Launch US-to-Europe Rare Earth Supply Chain

Marking an important step in the creation of a new United States-to-Europe rare earth supply chain, the first container of mixed rare earth carbonate produced by Energy Fuels at its White Mesa Mill in Utah is en route to Neo Performance Material’s rare earth separations facility in Estonia. Additional shipments of the carbonate are expected to follow as Energy Fuels continues to process more of the natural monazite sand ore, mined in the American state of Georgia by Chemours, for both the rare earth elements and naturally occurring uranium that it contains. […]

e-Power Technology

Nidec Hits Energy-Efficiency Sweet Spot with Dyneo Induction Motors

Combining the performance of synchronous permanent magnet technology and advanced smart system connectivity, Nidec Leroy-Somer is drawing the attention of engineers conscious about energy efficiency with its Dyneo induction motors for industrial applications. Designed for pairing with variable […]