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February 2013

The Birth of a Very-High-Field Superconductor Standex-Meder Electronics Flood Prevention Switches Safeguard HVAC Environments from Condensate Overflow Buildup Tiny Isolated 3 V to 5.5 V Power Supplies Possible for Low Power Crouzet Introduces DCmind Brushless […]

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Dysprosium 2.0

A Column by Dr. Stan Trout Several recent conversations have convinced me that as an industry, we are torn between two very distinct paradigms with respect to our use of heavy rare earths in sintered […]


Rare Earth Myths Debunked

By John Ebert, Business Manager • Yunsheng USA, Inc. The growing interest in rare earth (RE) materials has created new opportunities in motion control design and an entirely new generation of applications from BLDC motors […]