Spacemag Scheduled for Launch

Spacemag, Bartington Instruments’ first magnetometer for use in space, is to be carried in a satellite designed by the Instituto Universitario de Microgravedad ‘Ignacio Da Riva’ of Spain’s Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (IDR/UPM).

The satellite, UPMSAT-2, is being manufactured and assembled by IDR/UPM and will be launched into a low earth polar orbit by the end of the first quarter of 2013. Spacemag will be fitted to the satellite and will collect in-flight magnetic field information.

Spacemag is a three-axis fluxgate magnetometer designed for use in spacecraft attitude control systems. Lightweight, low noise and with minimal heat output, it has been shock and vibration tested to NASA-STD-7001, and its vacuum compatible components are specified for 100 kRad.

The sensor was tested at RAL Space (Rutherford Appleton Laboratories) to verify its functionality for long term use in a space environment.