‘Smart’ Voice Coil Actuator Featuring Built-in Position Feedback Sensor

BEI Kimco Magnetics, a brand of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), Inc., has introduced its latest generation Housed Voice Coil Actuator (VCA), the smart LAS28-53-00A.

The new LAS28-53-00A incorporates an integrated position feedback sensor with analog output for servo positioning or velocity control. The device also includes shielded cables and connectors that allow easy plug and play installation. Finally, with shaft and bearings contained in the housing, there is no need to design parts to capture the coil and field assemblies and maintain concentric position. The combination of these built-in elements eliminates the need for OEMs to add any mechanical parts, simplifying customer inventory, production and installation.

The LAS28-53-00A VCA features a maximum 1.0″ stroke and a peak force of 60 lbs. Compact in size, the device measures just 2.8″ in diameter (outside) x 5.3″ long. The integral shielded cables and connectors mate easily with Quicksilver controller QCI-S3-IG controller.

“BEI Kimco’s new smart actuator is an expansion to the first and second generation VCA housed and un-housed product lines,” explains Jim McNamara, BEI Kimco Senior Applications Engineer. “This latest edition in the family brings total convenience to the customer while providing improved stroke and force capabilities.”

The LAS28-53-00A is well suited for applications where high speed, high reliability and extreme accuracy are required. Pricing is from $750 each in production quantities with delivery in12 weeks.