Single Phase 50/60 Hz Step/Control Transformers

Sept9_IPIInnovative Power, Inc. has announced its new Single Phase 50/60 Hz Step/Control series Transformers for industrial applications, including motor speed control.

Step up/down control transformers reduce electrical voltage, with their primary voltage being greater than their secondary voltage. The transformer “steps down” the voltage that is applied to it. Using step up/down transformers to supply control power increases safety and efficiency when a lower control circuit voltage is used in high voltage applications.

The IPI Single Phase 50/60 Hz Step/Control Transformers are developed for challenging manufacturing environments.  Their flexible, scalable design supports a wide range of cost-effective applications requiring superior electrical performance, high reliability, long-life and a low lifecycle cost.  Special and custom design configurations are available from the IPI Design Center.

The typical IPI Single-Phase 50/60 Hz Step/Control series Transformer can be specified for applications from 120 to 575 V, with the secondary voltage to be specified by the customer.  Standard specifications are for a primary voltage of 240/480 Vac with a secondary voltage of 120/240 Vac. The power rating for this transformer is 5 KVA.

The IPI Step/Control Transformers are designed for dynamic temperature operating environments from –40°C to 240°C.  From the freezing cold of northern oil/gas production fields for pump control to heat-intense steel manufacturing plants for conveyor control, the IPI Step/Control Transformer Series operates reliably under nearly any conditions.

The IPI Single-Phase 50/60 Hz Step/Control Transformer Series is a panel mount device.  It comes in a standard square package, which can be customized to meet individual equipment design and environmental application requirements for temperature, humidity and shock to ensure accurate performance and reliable operation.

The IPI Step/Control Transformers are manufactured according to world class standards in IPI’s cellular manufacturing facility, which meets ISO 9001-2008.  IPI provides strict quality control procedures and testing in its own Environmental Test Laboratory to ensure performance and life.

In single piece quantity, the IPI Step/Control Transformers are available beginning at $10.00 each to $1000.00 each depending on specific performance features and other customer requirements.  Lead-time is stock to six week.

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