September/October 2019

Advancements in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Open Up Promising New Therapies for Array of Neural Conditions
Advancements in transcranial magnetic stimulation, otherwise known as TMS, are yielding new diagnostic and treatment solutions for a growing roster of neural conditions. The new TMS products are bringing expanding business opportunity to medical device companies as they pioneer promising new therapies for patients.

Barcoded Magnetic Beads and New Diagnostic Systems Revolutionize Battle Against Infectious Disease
Barcoded magnetic beads the size of a human hair are revolutionizing the battle against infectious diseases as medical technology companies rapidly expand their capability to use magnetic particles in new equipment and diagnostic techniques.

European Space Agency Swarm Mission Pinpoints New Magnetic North and Geomagnetic Jerks
The European Space Agency’s Swarm Mission, a trio of satellites launched six years ago to advance understanding of Earth’s magnetic shield, has recently yielded new explanations on two of its most intriguing phenomena – the constant shifting of the magnetic North Pole and earth’s magnetic jerks.

Magnet Summer Camp
Spontaneous Thoughts by Dr. Stan Trout

If you have been following recent events in the world of rare earths and permanent magnets, there has been a lot of interest in re-establishing a completely domestic supply chain to produce rare earth permanent magnets, both NdFeB and SmCo.

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