Rotary Hall-Effect Sensors & Potentiometers from Piher Sensing 

Hall-Effect rotary position sensors from Piher of Spain 

New rotary position sensors and potentiometers have been added by Spanish sensing specialist Piher Sensing Systems. Based on Hall Effect technology, the PSE series of compact panel mount sensors extend the company’s line-up of contactless position sensors, while the potentiometers also extend their product line. 

The vertical-mount PS-6 H40 potentiometers add to the company’s series of 6mm SMD potentiometers. All PS-6 models can be manufactured according to customer requirement with different rotor types, resistive values, tolerances, detents for haptic feedback, different shaft and knobs and wiper positions. 

Based in Tudela, Spain, Piher specializes in contactless and contacting sensor technologies for position, speed and current measurement. The company is is one of more than 20 brands of Amphenol Sensor Technology Group. For more info, see