Pulse Electronics Power BU Releases New High Permeability Nanocrystalline Common Mode Chokes

PA4415NLPulse Electronics Power BU, a provider of power magnetics components, adds a new series of high permeability, nanocrystalline products to its lineup of common mode chokes, the PA441xNL series. The PA441xNL series is comprised of two THT common mode chokes (PA4415NL and PA4416NL) that are ideally suited for customers designing their own EMI filter for AC/DC, DC/DC or DC/AC power supplies. Notable features and benefits include very high and stable impedance through broad frequency and temperature ranges, a 43.0 by 26.0 mm max footprint and nanocrystalline core for compact design.

Given its capabilities and RoHS compliance, the new PA441xNL series is well suited for applications like AC/DC Power Supply, Solar, Motor Drives, Industrial Controls, EV Charging, Smart Grid and Power Generation.