NVE Launches Isolated Data Couplers with Integrated DC-DC Convertors

Spintronics developer NVE Corporation has launched a new line of isolated data couplers with integrated isolated DC-to-DC convertors. They do not need additional regulation and do not require ferrite beads for EMI mitigation, all contributing to a low parts count for product design. 

The new IL76xxVE line is based on the company’s revolutionary IsoLoop DC-to-DC convertor technology, introduced in an earlier line of stand-alone DC-to-DC convertors. Among key features of the new IL76xxVE line are frequency hopping and integrated shielding to provide the lowest electromagnetic interference in the industry, the company says. 

2-channel version 

The high-speed couplers are rated at a full 110 megabits per second for high speed and signal fidelity. Less than one millivolt peak-to-peak ripple contributes to low noise and reliable systems. The new product line has two, three and four-channel versions for a variety of applications including various serial peripheral interface protocols. 

NVE is a leader in the practical commercialization of spintronics, a nanotechnology that relies on electron spin rather than electron charge to acquire, store and transmit information. Based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, the company manufactures high-performance spintronic products including sensors and couplers that are used to acquire and transmit data. For more info, see www.nve.com