November/December 2021

Automation Specialist Balluff Puts Magnetic (and Non-Magnetic) Sensing to Industrial Work
Few companies put magnetic sensing to work as much as sensor and automation specialist Balluff, a global provider of diverse solutions for industrial and machinery environments. Many such as its new Long Distance Positioning System (LDPS), inductive couplers and encoders harness magnetic field strength to get the job done — but the company also creates sensor products that, instead, overcome magnetic effects.

VoltAero and Safran Pioneer Propulsion Breakthroughs in Electric Aviation
French companies VoltAero and Safran are pioneering stunning breakthroughs in electric aviation powered by permanent-magnet motors and hybrid propulsion systems.

BAE Racking Up Contracts for Electric Power & Propulsion Systems
BAE Systems is racking up contracts to supply full-electric and hybrid-electric power and propulsion systems for marine and transit fleets. Among them are five high-profile projects including a luxury sailing superyacht, a fleet of buses in Vancouver, a new research vessel for the University of Vermont and, announced on September 16, two maritime feasibility studies in London, one of them involving Uber Boat on the Thames River.

Antarctica’s Magnetic Link to Ancient Neighbors
For the first time, an international team of scientists has used magnetic data from ESA’s Swarm satellite mission together with aeromagnetic data to help reveal the mysteries of the geology hidden beneath Antarctica’s kilometers-thick ice sheets, and link Antarctica better to its former neighbors.

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