Newly Founded Canadian Company, Everwin Magnetics, Ltd., Serves the North American NdFeB Market

Everwin Magnetics Co., Ltd. is a newly founded company in Canada specialized in the manufacturing rare earth magnet NdFeB serving customers in North America.

“As the cost arise in Asian and the trend to make/use locally, it is a time to have NdFeB magnets manufactured in North America,” said Howard Peng, General Manager.

The planned facility will have about 30,000 sq. ft. area, and is in Aurora, near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The production line will have advanced grinding, cutting and surface treatment equipment, magnetizing and packaging. It is scheduled to go into operation in the middle of 2021.

Once the production is set up, it could provide customers in North America with service.

  • Short lead time
  • Easy Communication
  • Quick response
Forte Mobility’s facility in Aurora, Ontario

Everwin is a division of Forte Mobility which recently moved into a 435,659 sq ft facility in Aurora, for manufacturing electric vehicles, particularly electric buses and vans for public transit systems and commercial fleet operators.

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