New Power Over Ethernet Magnetic Modules Support Higher Power, Extended Bandwidth Applications 

Bel Power Solutions, a Bel group company recently introduced 100W 4-pair, Power over Ethernet, NBASE-T / 802.3bz Magnetic Modules. The 100W Magnetic Modules are aimed at engineers who are developing products to be compliant with the NBASE-T / IEEE 802.3bz and 802.3bt standards, while optimizing performance and reliability.  

The 100W 4-pair PoE Magnetic Modules can transmit up to 100W of power, utilizing Ethernet cable that is compatible with the desired bandwidth. They can be used in either a PSE (Power Source Equipment) or a PD (Powered Device) and are designed to be compatible with 1G 2.5G and 10GBASE-T PHYs, including the latest current- mode and voltage-mode designs. The industry standard footprint allows for drop-in replacement for existing 60W products. Suitable applications for the 100W PoE Magnetic Modules include NBASE-T compliant products, wireless access points, base stations, security cameras, industrial control equipment, video display systems, medical imaging systems, gateways and routers, LED lighting and next generation PoE products requiring greater than 100W of power.  For more info, visit: