New High-Permeability Ferrite Material and Toroid Cores Developed by Magnetics

Wurth Elektronik magMagnetics has introduced a new high permeability ferrite material suitable for signal, choke, and filter applications such as common mode chokes, EMI suppression filters, signal processing, and broadband transformers. M Materials permeability of 15,000μ is designed for optimum impedance performance across frequency ranges. High permeability ferrite materials provide superior loss factor, frequency response, temperature performance, and product consistency.

The company has also recently developed a new generation of sendust cores, known as Kool Mu MAX cores. We supercharged our low core loss Kool M material with 50% better DC bias performance for better power handling, said the company. Use of copper wire is minimized by maintaining inductance using less turns, resulting in savings in overall component cost. With its super low losses, Kool Mμ MAX does not mimic the temperature rise problems found in iron powder cores and improves inductor efficiency very cost-effectively. The product comes in toroid shapes, sized from 13.5 mm to 134 mm.

New Series of Touchless Position Sensors from Novotechnik
Novotechnik has introduced a new series of touchless position sensors. The TFD 4000 Series
are absolute position sensors with 14, 24 or 50 mm stroke length, compact housing and floating magnetic marker. With an extremely flat, compact design they provide wear-fee touchless technology optimized for mechanical engineering and mobile applications. Single and redundant versions are available, providing up to 12 bit resolution in a high protection package, sealed up to IP69.

New snap ferrite cables for interference suppression from Wurth Elektronik
Wurth Elektronik has extended its STAR-TEC snap ferrite family of cables by adding new versions for thick cabling needs. The patented snap ferrite (with key) for supplementary interference suppression on the cable is part of the companys eiSos program. The family has now been extended with three additional versions for cables of diameters from 12 to 25 mm. The EMC ferrites serve for supplementary interference suppression in the 1 MHz to 1 GHz range.
The snap ferrites with NiZn core material are notable for their user-friendliness, said the company. The pre-fixed cable facilitates processing and cable clamping protection preventing errors when attaching to cables. The ferrites can be opened and refitted at any time with the key included with each package such as in an EMC laboratory application. The internal security locking system prevents unauthorized removal of the cable without the key.
The plastic housing is classified according to UL94 V0 and the module is specified for operating temperatures of -25 to +105C. The snap ferrites are available in black or gray, in sizes 12 to 15 mm, 17 to 21 mm or 22 to 25 mm