New Ferrite Beads from Würth Elektronik eiSos for EMI Suppression

With a new multilayer power suppression bead, Würth Elektronik eiSos has now launched an entire family of ferrites for the suppression of interference pulses in automotive applications. They are characterized by a high rated current of up to 10 A and extremely low resistances, and the respective peak-current capability of the ferrite beads is exactly specified. 

The WE-MPSA components are ideally suited for filters with high inrush current peaks. Certified for operating temperatures ranging from -55 to +125 degrees Centigrade, the ferrites are designed for use in applications such as noise reduction at power trains, body control and infotainment systems, motor interference suppression, in battery-management systems, DC/DC converters, audio systems and broadband suppression. 

Based in Waldenburg, Germany, Wuerth Elektronik eiSos Group is a major manufacturer of electronic and electromechanical components for the electronics industry. It is one of the largest European manufacturers of passive components and is active in 50 countries