New Chip Inductors Offer Highest Inductance and Lowest DCR of any 0402-sized RF Choke

Aug11_CoilcraftDeveloped for use in mobile devices and cellular infrastructure equipment, Coilcraft’s new 0402DF series chip inductors offer higher inductance values and significantly lower DC resistance than other 0402-sized inductors, making them suited for RF choke and filtering applications.

The 0402DF series is offered in 25 inductance values ranging from 20 to 3300 nH, with a 5 percent tolerance for all values. It offers the lowest DC resistance currently available in a 0402 package. For example, the DCR of the 220 nH value is 0.240 Ohms – 55 percent lower than the same value in Coilcraft’s 0402AF series – making it fully optimized for use as a harmonic filter element for NFC applications.

0402DF series inductors can also be used as a filter element in bandstop and low pass filters, a one-pole filter or RF choke in cellular bands, and for ground-to-ground isolation. They feature a ferrite construction for high current handling and RoHS 6/6-compliant matte tin over nickel over silver-palladium-glass frit terminations.

Like all Coilcraft products, complete technical specifications and free evaluation samples of the 0402DF Series are available at Parts are available from stock and can be ordered on-line at or by calling a local Coilcraft sales office.