New Catalog: Nanometer-Precision Motion Systems with Magnetic Direct Drives & Air Bearings

PI (Physik Instrumente) has released a new catalog of its magnetic direct drives and air bearing technology solutions, including actuators, linear stages, multi-axis gantry systems, and customized systems. Application-specific solutions include precision automation in optics and semiconductor manufacturing, assembly, and test equipment.

The PIMag Magnetic Direct Drives, based on technology developed and manufactured in-house, deliver optimum performance via position and force regulation. Nanometer precision is achieved by closed-loop control with position feedback from absolute linear encoders or interferometers. 3-phase linear motors and voice coil drives provide fast acceleration, high scanning speeds, and extreme lifetime due to the zero-wear drive principle. Air bearings allow extremely uniform motion with constant velocity, extremely smooth positioning without rumble coupled in from mechanical bearings.

A family of motion controllers, along with robust software covers all aspects of application integration from easy setup to cross-platform use and high-speed communication.

Download the New Magnetic Direct Drives & Air Bearings Catalog