New ASTM Magnetic Properties Standard Covers Thin Steel Laminations Used to Increase Energy Efficiency of Vehicles

ASTM International Committee A06 on Magnetic Properties has approved a new standard that covers thin steel laminations used to increase the energy efficiency of many high performance motors and generators, including those in electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, and contemporary aircraft, power generation and military systems. The new standard, ASTM A1086, Specification for Thin-Gauge Nonoriented Electrical Steel Fully Processed Types, was developed by Subcommittee A06.02 on Material Specifications.

ASTM A1086 specifies a class of very thin silicon-iron electrical steel not previously covered by an ASTM standard. According to Steve Sprague, sales manager with Proto Laminations Inc., and technical contact for ASTM A1086, the new standard has two main functions: 1) to standardize existing material designations that are currently based on trade names; and 2) to give users and their customers confidence in new designs and innovations by offering a standard material designation that can be relied on to provide consistent material properties.

Sprague notes that ASTM A1086 will provide a means for common understanding, terminology and communication regarding the properties of the advanced steels governed by this new standard.

“Use of ASTM A1086 will allow for quicker design solutions and better management of manufacturing and supply chain challenges,” says Sprague. “The entire electric machine community will benefit from ASTM A1086. Seeing immediate benefit will be steel producers and their customers: motor and generator manufacturers, and component builders as well as individuals and companies involved in the design of new electrical machines.”

In addition, Sprague says that regulatory agencies and academic and governmental research institutions will be able to use ASTM A1086 as a baseline reference for testing and analysis, as well as for further investigations into material properties or machine performance.

ASTM A1086 is available for purchase now on the ASTM website and will be published in the next edition of ASTM Book of Standards Vol. 03.04 on Magnetic Properties. To purchase this and other ASTM standards, visit and search by the standard designation, or contact ASTM Customer Relations (phone: 877-909-ASTM; ASTM International welcomes participation in the development of its standards. For more information on becoming an ASTM member, visit