Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors: TDK Launches New MLCC Website

TDK Corp. has launched its completely redesigned website for multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs). The new site, which went live on January 7, welcomes visitors with new features, search functions and tools at their disposal.

In addition to the fresh new look, the new site is user-friendly, and offers new and improved functions including multiple part number searches, improved sample requests and the latest technical information available. TDK multilayer ceramic chip capacitors are renowned for their high quality and reliability and visitors will benefit from the site’s high functionality and accessibility to information on these products.

In recent years, customers have come to rely much more on the internet and mobile devices when seeking information related to their development, design, procurement, and various other activities. Furthermore, the trend towards globalization means that we should be able to respond without delay to the requests of customers, wherever they may be located.

Main features and benefits of the search functions:

Characteristics value search: Based on product characteristics data, various parameters such as voltage range for use can be specified, allowing efficiently tailored searches for products that fit the actual circuit requirements of the customer. A query can also be narrowed down by attributes such as “high reliability” or “automotive use.”

Product name search: In addition to various search assistance functions, it is now also possible to enter multiple product names.

Cross reference search: This new search function makes it possible to correlate other company brand products with TDK’s lineup.

Comparison of multiple product data: A comparative display of the data for multiple products found through a search can be called up.

Improved sample request: For products found through a search, inventory information at selected distributors supporting online linkup will be displayed, making it possible to directly place an order through the distributor’s website.

Support for 3 languages: In keeping with the progress of globalization, the website will be available in Japanese, English and Chinese.

The new website can be accessed here.

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