Molycorp’s Tantalum Smelter Facility Gains Certification

Molycorp, Inc. has announced that its tantalum smelter facility in Sillamӓe, Estonia, has been certified by the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) as compliant with the Conflict Free Smelter (CFS) program assessment protocol.

Certification in the CFS program requires an extensive third party audit of a smelter’s Tantalum supply chain by auditors appointed by the EICC and GeSI. Certification in the CFS program demonstrates Molycorp’s commitment to provide conflict-free Tantalum to its customers.

Tantalum is one of five rare metals produced by Molycorp, which include niobium, gallium, rhenium and indium. Tantalum is used widely in electronic capacitors in mobile phones, DVD players, video game systems, and computers, as well as in high-power resistors and super-alloys in jet engine components, chemical process equipment, nuclear reactors, and missile parts. It also is widely used in surgical instruments and orthopedic implants.