Metrolab Achieves ISO 17025 Accreditation for Magnetic Measurements

Metrolab Technology SA has attained ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation for its state-of-the-art Calibration Laboratory, a laboratory that calibrates the instruments used in industry.

The ISO 17025 accreditation, widely recognized as the gold standard. A standard is the internationally agreed-upon physical representation of a unit. This achievement enhances Metrolab’s reputation as a trusted partner in industries requiring precise magnetic calibration.

Metrolab becomes the only private laboratory accredited ISO 17025 for NMR Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. A resonance phenomenon seen when you irradiate a sample in a magnetic field with an RF field.

◦             During calibration, the instrument reading is compared to one or more references to verify its accuracy.

◦            Static magnetic field generator 1 mT – 30 T

◦            AC magnetic field generator 100 µT – 8 mT

◦            Effective magnetic surface according to Faraday’s law (0.01 m^2 – 10 m^2)