Measurement & Positioning Specialist ELGO Builds Out Line of Sensors for Elevator Safety 

Loaded with precision protection features, ELGO sensors ensure passenger safety in building elevators 

Crafting sensor and measurement products for 45 years, many of which combine sophisticated magnetic and electronics technology, ELGO Electronic GmbH of Germany has recently built out its Limax series of sensors that detect absolute shaft position and speed to ensure passenger safety in elevators. 

As the name suggests, the latest Limax Compact 1-2-3 series shown above is a new generation of safety sensors that detect absolute shaft position and speed and offer additional safety functions in a more compact casing. The Limax1CP is the smallest in the trio at 254x74x38 mm with features that include door bridging and safety circuit outputs including door monitoring. 

While the Limax1CP and its connection design were developed with cost-efficiency in mind, the Limax2CP and Limax3CP use strain-relieved plugs with an additional protective cover, which, in addition to IP54, also enable a protection class of up to IP67 with an additional fixed seal on the plug connection. This provides protection against ambient influences, including the operation of firemen’s lifts and external elevators. 

Magnetics play an important role in many of the company’s products applied for precise positioning not only to elevators but also automation, laboratory and medical equipment. Often its magnetic measurement and positioning technology is applied to renewable energy power plants. The non-contact, wear-free sensor solutions enable optimum positioning in wind and solar power plants for uses such as solar mirror and panel tracking, also in wind turbines for detection of nacelle position, tilt angle of rotor blades and speed control. The company’s product line includes linear and angular measurement products, as well as rotary encoders and an array of accessories. A few examples are shown below. 

The EMAX-HI provides high resolution to 1 µm for dynamic processes such as linear drives 

Absolute linear magnetic measuring systems with resolution up to 1 µm are particularly suitable for dynamic applications, where precision and safety are required. Combined with a magnetic ring, they can also be suitable as rotation measuring systems for angle measurements. 

The CMAX2 is a space-saving installation solution for linear control and is also suitable for rotary applications. 
High resolution measuring systems up to 0.001 mm are also produced. The CMIX3 high-resolution unit is designed to be a super-fast and smart incremental measuring system that is both configurable and programmable. 

Accessories for magnetic measuring systems 

The array of accessories for magnetic measurement is extensive. Since 1998, the ELGO Group has dealt with the development and production of magnetically coded magnetic tapes and magnetic rings for non-contact position detection. The production and further development of this technology is located at ELGO Batscale AG in Liechtenstein. 

Magnetic tapes for the detection of length and position, either incremental or absolute coded, are produced in different pole lengths 
Elastomer-based magnetic rings in different geometries provide angle and speed detection 
Hard ferrite magnetic rings to detect angles and rotational speed 

Founded in 1977, the ELGO Group is based in Rielasingen in southern Germany near Switzerland and has additional production in nearby Balzers, Liechtenstein. For more info, see