March/April 2019

Axial Flux Motor Developments Driven by Demands of Electric Transportation and Power Market
In the race for improved electric motors for e-mobility and wind
power, axial flux motors are receiving a lot of attention for their innovative
capabilities in delivering high-density power in a smaller,
lighter package.

Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Motor from YASA at Center of Rolls-Royce Project to Set All-Electric Flight Speed Record
An innovative axial flux permanent magnet motor from YASA Ltd is
at the heart of a development project in the UK aimed at accelerating
the adoption of all-electric propulsion in aviation.

Spontaneous Thoughts by Dr. Stan Trout: Motherlodes, Silver Bullets and Recycling: What’s Left?
The premise of this article is to point out two potentially fruitful areas
of research on permanent magnets that have been substantially disregarded: material selection during the design process and new application development in the rare earth industry.

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