March 2013

  • Dysprosium-Free Rare Earth Magnets for High Temperature Applications
  • A Break in the Rare Earth Magnet Value Chain: Fused Salt Electrolysis
  • Standex-Meder Electronics Offer Robust Power and Current Sense Transformers for HVAC/R Applications
  • Low Frequency Simulation: CST STUDIO SUITE 2013
  • Lake Shore Releases Model 3062 Four-Channel Scanner Card
  • MLCC Series Features Near-Pure Silver Electrodes for High Conductivity
  • Linear Actuator with Moving Magnet Offers Precise Positioning
  • Magnetic Ring Encoder Offers Velocity Feedback for Large Shafts
  • Extracting Rare Earth Materials from Consumer Products
  • Luvata to Expand Manufacturing Capacity of MRI Superconducting Wire
  • Reference Catalog Spotlights Recycling Industry Products
  • Calnetix Technologies Adds Another Magnetic Bearing Patent to Its Portfolio

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