Magnetic Mounting Kits by Southwest Antennas for Versatile Deployment

Southwest Antennas, a manufacturer of specialized antennas for military, police and other markets, has released two new magnetic mounting kits for rapid omni-directional antenna deployment applications. The new kits join a portfolio of magnetic mounting kits which the company makes, enabling users to deploy their antennas quickly and even temporarily for specific purposes or different vehicles. 

The new kits feature a strong 3.2-inch diameter ceramic ring magnet in a plated steel cup that can hold up to 120 lb. They are equipped with a field-removable neoprene rubber cover to protect surfaces to which the mount is attached. 

The magnetic mount kits are designed to make it easy for people setting up temporary wireless network infrastructure to deploy or remove antennas without the hassle of permanent installation, especially with vehicles. Antennas can be deployed for a single mission without permanently altering the vehicle, or new mounting locations can easily be tried to improve network performance. 

They can be used to quickly deploy omni-directional antennas on any magnetic surface such as vehicles or unmanned robotic systems in addition to fixed site locations such as buildings, towers or other structures.