Magnet Applications, Inc. Technical Advisor to Speak at MAGNETICS 2017

John-OrmerodMagnet Applications, Inc., the only North American manufacturer of compression bonded magnets and a manufacturer of injection molded magnets, hybrid magnets and magnetic assemblies, today announced that Dr. John Ormerod, the company’s senior technology advisor, will speak at Magnetics 2017, held in Orlando, FL, January 18-19.

Magnetics 2017 is a global event that brings together worldwide magnetics experts to understand the latest advancements in in magnetic applications, technology and materials. The event is attended by hundreds of OEMs design engineers, application engineers and scientists from around the globe.

Dr. Ormerod, who has nearly forty years of experience in magnetics and a PhD in Metallurgy from the University of Manchester, plans to discuss the latest developments in Dy-diffused high temperature NdFeB grade magnets, NdFeB radially oriented rings, Fe16N2, higher energy bonded magnets and additive manufacturing (3D printed) magnets. An update on the permanent magnet market and latest status of the Hitachi Metals patent litigation will also be presented.

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Magnet Applications, Inc. is a Bunting Magnetics Co. In addition to serving as Senior Technology Advisory for Magnet Applications, Dr. Ormerod is an advisory board member for Bunting Magnetics Co.