June 2015

  • Magnet Inspection Tool with High Magnetic and Mechanic Accuracy
  • MagLab Claims Record with Novel Superconducting Magnet
  • US Joins the World in a New Era of Research at the Large Hadron Collider
  • Gaussmeters and Hall Probes for Research and Manufacturing Applications
  • New Power Inductors Feature Powdered Metal Cores for High Saturation Currents to 5.8 A
  • New 3 V Hall-Effect Linear Sensor IC with I²C Output
  • Expanded Gate Drive Transformer Series Complies with Safety Agency Standards for Reinforced Isolation
  • TI Introduces Fully Integrated Fluxgate Sensor
  • MRI Systems Market Worth $6,802.7 Million by 2020
  • Magnetic Flowmeter Market worth $1,916.94 Million by 2020

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