JEOL Develops New Series of NMR Spectrometers 

Scientific instrument maker JEOL has introduced a new generation of nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers that represent its next step in miniaturization and improved performance. With markedly smaller dimensions of the magnets and instruments than earlier models, the ECZ Luminous series features a multi-frequency drive system that allows spectroscopists to perform multiple pulse trains on different nuclei on a single RF channel in the same experiment. 

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There are 3 models in the lineup. The G series, rated at 400 MHz to 1.3 GHz, is the flagship model for cutting-edge NMR investigations. Shown above, its footprint is less than 60% of the previous comparable model. It supports expansion to more than 3 channels, with various options for high power amplifiers, and high magnetic field gradients. Others include the R series, compatible with magnetic fields in the range of 400 to 600 MHz. It is a fixed-configuration instrument capable of solid-state NMR measurements with less than half the footprint and only one-third the volume of previous models. The S series, rated at 400 MHz, has the same architecture and performance as G and R models, with a configuration that is streamlined for routine solution NMR measurements. 

For more than 60 years, JEOL has produced NMR spectrometers for structural analysis of organic compounds, natural products, protein drug interactions, and polymers including one of the highest field magnetic fields for NMR in the world. The NMR spectrometer is an indispensable tool for structural determination of molecules, molecular motions, and interactions. 

JEOL offers a complete family of NMR systems and superconducting magnets. These include actively shielded magnets from 400-800 MHz, and ultra high-field magnets from 900-930 MHz, including both narrow and wide bore systems. The magnets are manufactured to JEOL specifications by Japan Superconductor Technology (Jastec). 

Factory floor for superconducting magnets at Jastec in Kobe. 

Jastec has been manufacturing magnets for JEOL since 1956. A business unit of Kobe Steel in Japan, Jastec is a manufacturer of superconducting wires and magnets with extensive production facilities in the city of Kobe. 

Winding the magnetic coil at Jastec is delicate work. 

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