January/February 2021

eTrucks and eBuses with Permanent Magnet Powertrains Charge into Commercial Vehicle Market
There’s nothing like an electric automobile for requiring a lot of magnets, except for maybe a wind turbine — or a truck and a bus. Move over Prius and Tesla, a parade of e-trucks and e-buses sporting powerful new permanent-magnet powertrains are barreling up the road behind you.

Linear Labs Rolls Toward Production of Its Magnetic Flux Tunnel Motors
Linear Labs, a startup company based on a novel design for magnetic flux tunnel motors is moving toward building its enterprise to a stage of mass production. In October, it raised an additional $6 million in venture capital to further develop manufacturing capabilities and grow its employee base. The new funding comes shortly after lining up a $68.9 million incentive package with the City of Fort Worth, Texas to develop an advanced manufacturing facility and hire staff.

Protean Electric’s In-Wheel Motor Reaches for Traction in Global EV and Industrial Markets
In the race to electrify transportation modes, developers of new motor and drive systems are keeping busy patent offices around the world. Among the leaders is Protean Electric, a UK-based developer of permanent magnet in-wheel motors that recently was granted its 200th patent and has another 130 pending.

Embedding Magnetics Achieves Reliability & Consistency, Part 3 of 3
Parts 1 and 2, provided an overview of embedded magnetics construction and presented a design example for a GbE media filter. Performance data showed that the embedded magnetic devices are highly consistent. Part 3 looks at the material used in the PCB construction and summarized reliability data. Figure 1 shows an example of a surface mount GbE media filter fabricated with embedded magnetic technology.

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