ITG Electronics Introduces High-voltage Surface Mount Device Inductors

ITG Electronics, a manufacturer of inductors and transformers since 1963, has introduce a high-voltage addition to its PQ108180H Series of Surface Mount Device (SMD) Inductors. Key to the high-voltage SMD Inductor’s success is the adoption of more robust design materials, which allow the unit to not only withstand higher voltages but also ensure a prolonged component lifespan.

Part of a broader, company-wide effort to add ultra-robust items to its products portfolio, the PQ108180H can protect from surges as high as 400 volts – a stark increase from conventional SMD inductors, which can max out at about 100V. Designed to meet the higher power current inverter or DC-to-DC converter needs of rugged industrial equipment, the robust, reliable PQ108180H exemplifies ITG Electronics’ emerging prominence in high power density solutions. Recently, ITG Electronics also debuted a 400-volt member of its SCH3539T Series of Drum Inductors. In the near future, the company plans to introduce 400-volt additions to its L5100 & L5104 Series of Boost & Storage Inductors.


Founded in 1963, ITG Electronics is a leading electrical and mechanical components supplier headquartered in Elmsford, NY. With a highly experienced engineering team, ITG designs and manufactures high performance magnetic components, modules and EMI filters for a wide range of applications including consumer electronics, automotive, cloud computing, telecommunication, industrial and renewable energy.

ITG factories are IATF/TS16949, ISO9000, ISO14000, OHSAS18000, QC0800000, ISO14064 Certified. For more information, visit or email