Innovation in Magnetic Field Instrumentation

April-eNL_BartingtonBartington Instruments specializes in the manufacture of single and three-axis fluxgate magnetometers, with measuring ranges from ±60µT to ±2mT. The company’s products are used in the laboratory and in environments from deep sea to outer space. They can be supplied as standalone instruments or provided unpackaged for integration into third party systems.

The latest release is the general purpose Mag-13 range of three-axis magnetic field sensors, with noise levels down to <4pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz, measuring ranges between 60μT and 1mT, and a variety of enclosures. Each one is environmentally sealed and shielded from electrical interference, and incorporates both a test coil and temperature sensor.

Bartington’s range of sensors is complemented by a variety of data acquisition systems such as power supply units, signal conditioning systems and digitizers.

Bartington also provides instrumentation to cancel out the interference of unwanted magnetic fields, actively with its Helmholtz Coil System and passively with its three-layer magnetic shields. The magnetic shields attenuate the Earth’s magnetic field of ~50,000nT to a level of ~1nT. The Helmholtz Coil System produces a stable, 0.1% homogenous 260cm3 field for testing or calibrating instruments, and for conducting experiments or making observations in a controlled magnetic field.