High Sensitivity Pneumatic Cylinder Switch Sensor by MDT 

The AMR134x series pneumatic cylinder switch sensor, developed by MultiDimension Technology (MDT-Dowaytech), combines the benefits of anisotropic magnetoresistance (AMR) performance with solid state reliability. Its high precision, fast response, and low power consumption make the AMR134x the perfect choice for pneumatic position control in various industrial applications. 

The AMR134x operates on a low power consumption of only 40 μA, with a fast frequency response over 1 kHz. Its full-bridge AMR sensor and on-chip signal processing circuitry provide high precision, with noise rejection and hysteresis as low as 5 Gs. Its temperature stability and immunity against stray field intereference ensure accuracy in harsh environments. 

MDT will showcase the AMR134x series sensors at the upcoming SENSOR+TEST event in Nuremberg, Germany, and at Sensors Converge in San Jose, California. Reach out to sales@dowayusa.com for sales and technical inquires or order samples online today!