Expanded Gate Drive Transformer Series Complies with Safety Agency Standards for Reinforced Isolation

June1_PulsePulse Electronics Corp. has expanded its P0584/85NL high isolation gate drive transformer line with a new series that uses insulation wire on all windings, making them compliant to safety standards such as IEC61558 and IEC60601 for reinforced isolation. The P0584/85NL series provides isolation in MOSFET and IGBT drivers in industrial applications such as motor drive circuits and solar inverters and for power supplies for a range of medical devices. The P0584/85ANL versions extend these to applications that require higher levels of safety and isolation with 30 percent increased isolation capability (to 4,250 Vrms) and 20 percent greater volt-second capability.

“Existing toroidal gate drive transformers with triple insulated Teflon wire on just one winding are not compliant to certain safety standards which require mechanical support between windings, even when triple insulated wire is used on one winding,” said Gerard Healy, product manager, Pulse Electronics Power Business Unit. “Pulse’s new P0584/85ANL series uses insulated wires on all windings, making them fully compliant. In addition, by using smaller wire diameters, Pulse can increase the number of turns to increase volt-second capability within the same platform size.”

Pulse’s P0584/85ANL high isolation gate drive transformers expand Pulse’s P0584/85NL transformer series to offer higher isolation capabilities. They come in a robust package with 8 mm creepage distance. The transformers are RoHS compliant and meet standard EIA481 requirements. P0584/85NL are UL recognized/TUV certified to IEC 60950 while the ANL versions are compliant with the requirements of IEC 61558 and IEC 60601 for reinforced insulation. They are available in tube packaging. Prices are about: P0584NL — $1.49, P0585NL — $1.69, with an additional 20 percent for the ANL versions (FCA HK). Lead time is eight weeks. Samples are available.

Further details are available on the data sheet located here.