Eriez Lift Magnet Quadruples Burn Table Output & Improves Safety 

Using a magnetic circuit design that eliminates gaps, new lift magnet systems from Eriez feature a large full-contact magnetic surface area to move multiple parts from a factory burn table in a single lift. Customer results demonstrate the advanced systems can quadruple burn table production and improve safety conditions by reducing employee exposure, says the company. 

Manually unloading burn tables can be a very time-consuming process, according to Andy Kloecker, metalworking market manager for Eriez. “Our Full Coverage Lift Magnets not only pick up many parts in a single lift, but also handle skeletons with ease because the magnetic circuit design eliminates gaps on the surface.” 

A prominent Eriez customer and one of North America’s premiere suppliers of carbon steel parts-to-print recently reported on their outstanding results with the innovative magnets. “We started seeing the benefits almost immediately,” facility management said. “The operators were able to clear the parts off the table much more efficiently and safely and load full sheets onto the table with the same performance. We’ve more than quadrupled our output on the table as a result.” 

Kloecker says the full coverage capabilities of the magnet eliminate manual handling and the need for operators to walk or climb on the table, an extremely dangerous practice that puts workers’ safety at risk. The system can pick up single sheets of thinner material from a stack for table loading, down to 3/16-inch sheet. This eliminates the need for spacers between sheets and time- consuming separation processes while loading the table. 

Operation of the system requires only an overhead hoist and an air supply. Its permanent magnet circuit eliminates costly lift magnet controllers and safety concerns due to power failures. “The system is also very energy efficient, needing only a small amount of air to cycle fully,” explains Kloecker.

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