eNL June 2019 2

Race to Develop Electric-Powered Autonomous Aircraft Opening New Market for Permanent-Magnet Motors
The race to develop autonomous electric aircraft is poised to open new markets for permanent magnet motors as several leading aviation firms are breaking into the skies with new prototypes of vertical take-off and landing craft designed for commercial passenger and cargo transport.
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Toyota Develops Neodymium-Reduced Magnet for Electric Motors
Toyota researchers say they have found a way to dramatically cut the cost of electric motors by reducing up to 50% the amount of neodymium in their magnets in favor of less expensive and more abundant rare earth elements lanthanum and cerium.
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Premo introduces new multiple winding design and wireless charging antenna at APEC
Grupo Premo, a manufacturer of electromagnetic components for power electronics and RFID applications, displayed two of its latest innovations using magnetic technology at the 2019 APEC show held recently in Anaheim. One is a new platform for designing custom power magnetics components and the other a new wireless charging antenna.
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