Coil Winding Machinery Business Yields Record Growth for Aumann in 2018

Aumann AG, the German manufacturer of coil winding machinery and automation equipment, had an exceptional year in 2018 boosted by a whopping 72% revenue growth in its business in the e-mobility market and solid growth in Asia. 

According to preliminary results announced in late February, the company’s total revenues rose by 38% to 290 EUR for the year setting a new record for the company. For the first time, more than 20% of order intake was generated in Asia reflecting the greater internationalization and broadening of the company’s customer base said Rolf Beckoff, CEO. Profitability increased 39% at a rate even more than revenues, achieving a record level of 29 EUR.

For the immediate future, the company said that it is expecting a moderation of 2018’s pace but still the outlook is for double-digit growth over the next five years. “Growing political and economic uncertainty, especially in the automotive industry, make it difficult to forecast the current financial year-on-year.” the company said. “In light of this, management expects revenue and earnings in 2019 to rise slightly year-on-year.” While growth in its traditional lines is expected to be less robust that this year, it expects that the momentum in E-Mobility markets will more than compensate for this.

Aumann’s machinery for production of coils, electric motors, and electromechainical assemblies, and its automated production lines are employed by automotive manufacturers and suppliers worldwide, especially now for series production of e-mobility vehicles using pure electric and hybrid electrical drives, also in electronics and industrial markets. Based in Beeler, the company has about 1,100 employees at locations in Germany, China and the US.

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