Body Array Coil for 7T Magnetic Resonance Imaging Developed by Tesla DC 

Tesla Dynamic Coils of The Netherlands has come out with a new body array for today’s powerful 7-Tesla strength MRI scanners that provides a flexible coil setup able to follow the curvature of the body. It functions as a versatile, flexible coil for magnetic resonance imaging of central body parts such as the liver, kidney, heart and hip. 

The Wave 7T array is designed to support the latest 7 Tesla MRI scanners. Images generated at 7 Tesla field strength are not only sharper than their lower-field counterparts, their precision can be transformative. The high level of detail allows researchers and clinicians to make observations that would not otherwise be possible and can be life-changing, even lifesaving. 

The company’s fifth generation array, the Wave 7T includes 8 transceiver channels and 24 receive-only additional channels. Designed for research purposes or pre-production OEM development, the array supports various MR system manufacturers including GE, Philips and Siemens. 

Prostate and hip images using Wave 7T (Source: University & Inselspital Bern) 

Images using the Wave 7T which show the remarkable detail generated are available on Tesla DC’s website. They are from several partner research facilities in Europe which have provided their data from imaging efforts. 

Wave on tabletop 

Over the last years, Tesla Dynamic Coils has developed many body arrays for MR systems manufacturers. While each Wave 7T is custom made for each separate customer, the modular base allows the company to develop every Wave 7T in a much shorter time frame than usual for a custom RF coil. 

Focused on bringing healthcare diagnostics to new levels, one of Tesla Dynamic Coil’s more exotic developments is a MR-Linac head coil. 

Located in Zaltbommel east of Rotterdam, the company’s team of engineers, MR experts and support staff provides creative magnetic resonance solutions to clients around the world. See