AVX to Collaborate with Modelithics

AVX Corp. has announced a new collaboration with Modelithics that will expand the range of AVX components available in the Modelithics Passive Component (CLR) Library, System Level Component (SLC) Library, and AVX sub-library, which already feature more than 20 Microwave Global Models for AVX surface mount capacitor and inductor product lines.

This latest collaboration, under the Strategic Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) Program, will add 25 more capacitor and inductor Microwave Global Models spanning several technologies and materials sets – such as thin film, multilayer organic (MLO), and ceramic – to the Modelithics CLR Library and AVX sub-library by the end of this year. Highly accurate substrate scalable models for 20 AVX surface mount thin film couplers and MLO diplexers are also in development and will be added to the SLC Library and AVX sub-library upon completion.

AVX component series intended for modeling include: Accu-P Thin Film Capacitors, MLO Capacitors, UQ and SQ series Microwave ultra-low ESR MLCs, GX series Ultra Broadband Capacitors, Accu-L® Thin Film Inductors, MLO Inductors, Thin Film Couplers, and MLO Diplexers. All Modelithics AVX component models will be compatible with Agilent ADS, Agilent Genesys, and National Instruments/AWR Microwave Office.

Additionally, through its participation in the Strategic MVP Program, AVX is also offering approved customers 90 days of free trial access to the Modelithics AVX sub-library. For more information about the extensive collection of Modelithics Models for AVX surface mount components or to request trial access to the AVX sub-library, please visit the AVX MVP page at http://www.modelithics.com/mvp/AVX.