AVX Introduces 0201 Tantalum Capacitor

Jan27_AVXAVX Corp. has introduced a small and low profile tantalum capacitor: the sub-millimeter 0201 TACmicrochip. Measuring 0.6 mm by 0.35 mm by 0.35 mm, the 0201 E case TACmicrochip series SMD tantalum capacitors deliver high CV (0.47 μF / 6.3 V) and low leakage (0.01 CV) in a small package, as well as exhibit all of the standard benefits of tantalum technology, including: inherent immunity to piezoelectric noise and higher stability, higher reliability, and higher temperature performance than comparable MLCCs.

Electrically and mechanically robust, TACmicrochip series capacitors provide long lifecycle performance suited for use in miniature, wearable medical devices, audio and power amplifier modules, and as coupling/decoupling capacitors in handheld electronics. The new 0201 E case TACmicrochip capacitors extend the series’ application range to include PCB embedded electronics applications, including near field communication (NFC) systems and smart cards, such as: bank cards, SIM cards, identification cards and access control cards.

“Thirty years ago, the smallest commercially available tantalum capacitor was the 1206 A case. Since then, AVX has developed and commercialized the first 0805 R case, 0603 L case, and 0402 K case tantalum capacitors, all of which have been enthusiastically embraced by the consumer electronics industry for their high volumetric efficiency and impressive electrical and mechanical robustness,” said Mitch Weaver, member of technical staff at AVX. “Capable of being embedded in a PCB, the new 0201 E case TACmicrochip capacitor is our latest response to the industry’s steady demand for higher volumetric efficiency, an effective solution for designers’ chronic lack of board space, and a testament to AVX’s dedication to continually pushing past the limits of current manufacturing technology.”

Manufactured using a tantalum wafer process to achieve the high levels of mechanical tolerance required for ultra miniature devices, TACmicrochip series capacitors feature an enhanced internal construction that eliminates the space-consuming elements of conventional molded J-leaded tantalum capacitors, including the anode wire, lead frame, and the need for larger wall thicknesses. The 0201 TACmicroship series capacitors are supplied with lead-free, 100 percent tin terminations and are rated for use in temperatures spanning -55°C to 125°C. Lead time for the new TACmicrochip series capacitors is 10 to 14 weeks.