Atmel Sensor Hub Solution Drives Lower Power for the KMX61G Micro-Amp Magnetic Gyro

Kionix, Inc., a supplier of MEMS inertial sensors and software solutions, has partnered with Atmel in their sensor hub ecosystem program with its KMX61G Micro-Amp Magnetic Gyro. Building on Kionix’s existing relationship with Atmel, this partnership enables Kionix to leverage Atmel’s vast ultra-low power microcontroller expertise to provide customers with an ultra-high performance sensor fusion solution.

The KMX61G is a consumer level micro-amp magnetic gyro, providing a 9-axis solution from a 6-axis magnetometer-accelerometer device. This high-performance product is enhanced with Kionix’s proprietary sensor fusion software and auto-calibration algorithms to deliver highly accurate synthetic gyro outputs.

The Micro-Amp Magnetic Gyro software is designed to run on a local microprocessor or application processor. Currently, KMX61G sensor fusion runs on Atmel’s 32-bit AVR UC3 and SAM D20 microcontrollers. Ongoing software development for Atmel’s sensor hub has significantly decreased power consumption, increasing the battery life for consumer devices while providing design engineers with increased performance for their unique applications.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Atmel through their Sensor Hub Ecosystem Program,” said Paul Bryan, EVP, Product Marketing and Strategy, Kionix, Inc. “The combination of our highly innovative KMX61G product with Atmel’s sensor hub solutions allows us to bring a new level of motion sensing flexibility to device manufacturers and software developers.”