Arnold Magnetic Technologies Launches RECOMA 35E Samarium Cobalt Material

Arnold Magnetic Technologies has introduced a samarium cobalt (SmCo) magnet material, RECOMA 35E. RECOMA 35E is Arnold’s latest improved permanent magnet material in both coercivity and maximum flux density. Not only does it deliver an even higher field than RECOMA 33E samarium cobalt, it does so with no sacrifice in stability. This improved performance can enable greater power density in motors and generators in all applications, enabling reduction in size and weight, while improving efficiency. For example:

  • Electric rotors in aerospace applications can considerably reduce weight without impacting power.
  • In motorsports, peak torque optimizes engine performance, enabling improved overall powertrain performance.
  • Miniaturization of electric motors enables the next generation of electrified commercial vehicles.

SmCo materials from Arnold also allows manufacturers to reduce supply chain risk by designing out reliance on rare dysprosium (Dy) materials.

“Our customers already expect the best performance in the market from our RECOMA 33E material, and the 35E takes it up another notch,” Arnold CEO Tim Wilson said. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer this record-breaking, high performance material, which can make a world of difference in demanding applications.”

To learn more about Arnold’s market-leading SmCo materials and to download the RECOMA 35E datasheet, visit