e-Power Technology

Collins Aerospace Pushes e-Aviation Technology to New Heights with Family of Powerful PM Motors & Generators 

Powered by its breakthrough 1MW permanent-magnet motor, bolstered by a new lab for advanced electric systems and developing a 1MW generator for the military, Collins Aerospace is lifting electric propulsion and electrified power for aviation to new heights. Engineers at the company are developing a family of motors and integrated power systems for broad application in future hybrid and fully electric aircraft as they participate in a range of R&D projects spanning North America and Europe. […]


Samsung Electro-Mechanics’ First Mass Production of Power Inductors for Automotive

Samsung Electro-Mechanics will target the automotive power inductor market in full-scale by beginning mass production of power inductors, an essential core component of electric and autonomous vehicles. Power inductors are core electronic components applied to power circuits to convert electricity (power) from batteries into power required by semiconductors and supply stable current. […]