Pensana Selects Site for Rare Earth Processing Facility in UK

Pensana Rare Earths has selected the Saltend Chemicals Park in England as the site for its proposed rare earth processing facility as part of its venture to establish a sustainable magnet metal supply chain fed by its mine property in Angola.  It would become one of only a few major producers […]


Ferrite Substrate from Metamagnetics Enables New Capabilities for Defense Communications

Leveraging its expertise in ferrite materials and wireless communications, Massachusetts-based Metamagnetics is bringing new capabilities to military forces and defense contractors seeking improved designs and deployment for their radio frequency and microwave systems – able even to […]


New Aerospace Propulsion Firm, LaunchPoint EPS, Prepared for Takeoff into Electric Aircraft Markets

A team of high-level engineers and business executives from southern California are betting big on the future of electric-powered flight with the formation of a new startup, LaunchPoint Electric Propulsion Solutions. Central to the effort are their power-dense electric motor […]


GMW and Celadon Collaborate on Test System for Semiconductor Fabrication

Collaboration between GMW Associates and Celadon Systems has yielded a testing system that brings new capabilities to semiconductor fabricators. Bringing together GMW’s expertise in electromagnetics and magnetic modeling, and Celadon’s expertise in probe cards and testing, the […]


Gowanda Expands Its DYCO Electronics Facility

Gowanda Components Group has completed a nearly 50% expansion at its DYCO Electronics facility in Hornell, New York. The 12,000 sq. ft. expansion will help the company address market demand for its products, enhance workflow and improve operational efficiency.  […]