Winter 2017

NdFeB Magnet Prices Should Increase in 2018
The global permanent magnet industry is currently facing some exciting growth opportunities. The automotive industry is abuzz over the anticipated growth of hybrid and electric vehicles. In fact, some countries have actually dictated that the internal combustion engine will be banned in a specific number of years! In the face of such proclamations, some experts are questioning whether some of these countries (India, for instance) will actually have sufficient electrical generating capacity to support such a shift.

MagLab Reclaims Record for Strongest Resistive Magnet
While the rest of the world watched the solar eclipse in August, engineers at the National MagLab pulled off an eclipse of a different sort. Not to be outdone by celestial events, they set a new world record that blotted out the previous one by about 8 percent a sizable leap in magnet technology terms.

Diving Into Magnets
Magnets are found in motors, in energy production and in data storage. A deeper understanding of the basic properties of magnetic materials could therefore impact our everyday technology. A study by Scientists at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI in Switzerland, the ETH Zurich and the University of Glasgow has the potential to further this understanding. The researchers have for the first time made visible the directions of the magnetisation inside an object thicker than ever before in 3D and down to details ten thousand times smaller than a millimetre (100 nanometres).

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