Winter 2016

How to Assure Every Rare Earth (or Any) Magnet Meets Your Requirements 100 Percent of the Time?
So you have designed and thoroughly tested your revolutionary new magnetic device and are ready to place an order with your chosen magnet supplier.  How do you assure the magnets you receive will meet your (and your customers) requirements 100 percent of the time?

The Permanent Magnet Industry Reference Book
It is common to strike up a conversation on an airline flight and be asked the question, “What industry do you work in?”  My answer is, “I’m involved in the magnet industry.”  The resulting blank look on my fellow passenger’s face makes it clear that he’s reflecting on the realtor’s magnetic calendar holding the children’s homework on the refrigerator.  The average Joe has little appreciation of how many magnets are utilized in everyday products!

Post Manufacturing Equalization of Magnetic Arrays and Assemblies
Permanent magnets (PM) are found in motors and actuators in many devices such as home appliances, water pumps, loudspeakers, electric tools, watches and automation (servomotors). The typical number of magnets in a vehicle exceeds 200; they are key components of the electrical actuators found in power steering, windshield wipers, adjustable mirrors, speedometer and other gauges, audio controls etc. PM brushless machines can also be found in elevators, in wind power generators, in boats, in AC units, etc. Tablet and smartphone covers are usually magnetically attached using embedded PM arrays.

2017 Resource Guide
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Spontaneous Thoughts: Permanent Magnet Mistakes, Part Four
We continue with the fourth blog in this series, describing the many types of mistakes made with permanent magnets. Again, my intent is to help engineers in the future avoid the mistakes made in the past, and not to embarrass anyone.

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