Stanford Magnets Donates Rare Earth Magnets to Inspire Tomorrows Scientists

Stanford Magnets has announced that it will donate magnets to schools all across California. The magnets can be used to enhance creative hands on learning in scientific related experiments. The donations are part of Stanford Magnets’ Rare Earth Magnets For Education (REMFE) Project, which gives schools the opportunity to use magnets to aid classroom learning.

All high schools in California are eligible to apply for the REMFE Project. “We are  passionate about magnets and are thrilled to donate these magnets as part of our ongoing commitment to support local schools, and contribute to their efforts to educate our future scientist,” said Alex Chen, CEO of Stanford Magnets. “Our employees and the company are excited to work with local schools, to increase awareness about magnet safety, and highlight the astonishing achievements that have been made possible by magnets.”

“We hope this gift will extend beyond the classroom and benefit future innovations at all levels.  This is a chance for students to realize that magnets are not just for the fridge anymore. And to develop the interest we need to establish tomorrow’s scientists,” added Rita Wang from Stanford Magnets.  “Magnets are now heavily used in the renewable energy sector, in particular in the manufacturing of wind turbines.  Magnets are also playing an increasing role in hybrid vehicles, and greener transportation.  These are all remarkable sectors that currently only scientists are aware of, we want a chance to inspire tomorrow’s scientist, for a brighter greener future.”

As part of the donation, Stanford Magnets will give eligible schools, two super strong SMBN0611 neodymium block magnets and 100 pieces of smaller SMDN0096 neodymium disc magnets as well as a Magnet Safety Guide. Interested applicants can apply directly through Stanford Magnets’ website:; applications close on May 31st 2014.