Precision Perfect-Layer Coils for High Voltage Electronics

Electronics engineers requiring reliable magnetic components for high voltage designs will find the Perfect-Layer Coil series from Innovative Power, Inc. (IPI), is flexible and well suited for a wide range of applications.

IPI’s perfect-layer coil winding technology offers a number of advantages.  They include: maximum turns per layer, highest power for any given cross-sectional area, lowest DCR, max inductance, lowest leakage inductance, and consistent voltage potential layer-to-layer and winding-to-winding.

IPI’s Perfect-Layer Power Coil series is available for all applications.  These coils support a wide range of power generation and transmission equipment.  Applications include DC modules, AC inverters, switching equipment and large industrial uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).  They are also suitable in transformers for stepping up or stepping down voltages.

IPI’s Perfect-Layer Fluid Sensing Coil series are available for many industrial, medical and municipal applications.  They are installed in magnetic liquid flow meter sensors and other sensing devices and transmitters. In liquid flow meters, the magnetic coils are placed inside the sensor package, which is placed around the wall of a pipe.  As fluid passes through the pipe a voltage proportional to the flow rate of water or wastewater is detected by the coils and converted into liquid flow rate and totalized flow.

IPI’s Perfect-Layer MagLev Coils are designed for large scale electronic equipment requiring medium to high voltages. They are typically used to generate a high voltage magnetic field for levitation purposes, such as high-speed rail and mil/aero propulsion and levitation systems.

Depending on the perfect-layer coil series and the quantity, prices begin at $3.00 to $5.00 each depending on specific performance features, materials, certifications and other requirements.  Lead-time is stock to six weeks.