New Specifications Guide on Extended Life Brush DC Motors

Feb6_CrouzetCrouzet Motors has introduced a new 24 page specifications guide focusing on the DCmind Brush Motor series.  The full color brochure provides comprehensive information on this motor series as well as the brand as a whole.

The brochure opens with the DCmind Brush Motor series earning the 2013 Readers’ Choice Product of the Year Award in the medical products field.  The award, undoubtedly received in part  due to the motor’s quiet operation of 35 dBA (about the sound of a whispered conversation), is a proud testimonial to the product’s outstanding features.  Designed with a high performance magnetic circuit and magnets that optimize detent torque, the new motors provide more than 80 percent operational efficiency and an extended service life up to 24,000 hours.

In addition to offering detailed product features and benefits, the brochure also provides a cutaway view, an informative chart illustrating motor sound compared to standard recognizable sounds, and a handy selection guide that makes it easy to review and choose the appropriate model by output power, torque, speed and gear reduction style and range.  Complete specifications for performance curves, dimensions, and options on all five models include 15, 25 and 55 watt motors with a 42 mm diameter, and 55 and 104 watt motors with a 63 mm diameter.  DCmind Brush Motors support 12, 24 and 48 volt power supplies and are available with several accessories and adaptations, including rear brake, optical or Hall effect encoders (1 or 2 channels), connectors and cables, as well as custom voltage, speed and power, and shaft dimensions and material.

“The DCmind Brush Motor series is currently our hottest product and this brochure does a great job leaving nothing unanswered,” said John Morehead, national sales manager for Crouzet Motors.  “With its amazingly quiet operation and high efficiency, this motor is a true innovation, especially for applications where low noise level, long battery life and extremely long service life are critical.”

In addition to its low sound level, the motor meets several standards in applications for medical (IEC 60601-1), office equipment (IEC 60950), and household appliances (IEC 60335).  All the DCmind Brush motors are approved in accordance with UL 10004-1 and CE, and are RoHS compliant.  They come with standard IP65 levels of environmental protection and can be made available in IP67 and IP69K versions. DCmind Brush Motors can also be used in a variety of other applications such as pumps and valves in mass transportation equipment.