New Coil Winding Machine with Enhanced Control & Capabilities Introduced by Gorman


A new coil winding machine with enhanced controls and an expanded menu of multiple job options has been introduced by Gorman Machine Corporation. The company’s new SuperStar Winder with Trio Controller utilizes servo motors instead of stepper motors and is equipped with a host of new control features.

New capabilities include features such as variable pitch, angle winding, dwell function for each side of a coil, variable speed foot pedal override, and a go-back button to reverse and fix winding errors, according to Dan Gorman president of the company. The unit has a 10-inch Trio HMI color touch screen matching its Trio controller, allowing convenient access to up to 20 job recipes with up to 28 steps in a recipe.

Gorman Machine_IN

A number of other new winding functions can be added or existing winding functions can be modified for particular applications. These include remote programming and communication with controller, support for multiple languages, scatter winding and interlaced winding.

Eventual integration with other winding models from the company is planned and with more programming it will be capable of universal windings, said Gorman. Based in Middleboro, MA and established in 1952, the company has been manufacturing coil winding machinery and accessories for more than 60 years and has dealers worldwide.

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